The goal of the 1KP project is to sequence transcriptomes from over 1000 species of plants. The Sessa lab is contributing samples for sub-projects on fern phylogenomics and comparative transcriptomics between gametophytes and sporophytes across land plants. When we consider land plants as a whole, several of the most striking differences between the major lineages include dramatic changes in relative size, function, and duration of the gametophyte and sporophyte stages of the life cycle. Across land plants, there is a transition from a dominant gametophyte with dependent sporophyte in the bryophytes, to independent gametophytes and dominant sporophytes in the lycophytes and ferns, to a highly reduced, ephemeral, and dependent gametophyte in the seed plants, particularly in angiosperms. This life history transition is accompanied by numerous innovations in both sporophyte and gametophyte morphology and ecology. We will use data produced by the 1KP project to investigate changes in gene expression patterns in both life stages across land plants. This work is a collaboration with Sean Graham (UBC), Josh Der (California State University, Fullerton), Dennis Stevenson (NYBG), and many others.


  • One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes Initiative*. A phylogenomic view of evolutionary complexity in green plants. In review. *A consortium of 192 authors.