List of publications by lab members.

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In press/In revision

28. Sessa EB. Evolution and Classification of Ferns and Lycophytes. Chapter 9 in: Current Advances in Fern Research. EM Fernández González, Ed. Invited book chapter. In review.

27. Sessa EB, SM Chambers, D Li, L Trotta, L Endara, JG Burleigh, and B Baiser. Community assembly of the ferns of Florida. American Journal of Botany. Invited for special issue, “Using and Navigating the Plant Tree of Life”. In review. 

26. Pinson JB, SM Chambers, and EB Sessa. Vittaria graminifolia (Pteridaceae) and Didymoglossum peterseii (Hymenopyllaceae) in Broxton Rocks, GA. American Fern Journal. In press.

25. Vicent M, JM Gabriel y Galán, and EB Sessa. Phylogenetics and historical biogeography of Lomaridium (Blechnaceae, Polypodiopsida). Taxon. In press.


24. Berger BA, J Han, EB Sessa, AG Gardner, KA Shepherd, V Ricigliano, RS Jabaily, and DG Howarth. The unexpected depths of genome skimming data: a case study examining Goodeniaceae floral symmetry genes. Applications in Plant Sciences. 5(10): 1700042. PDF

23. Cai S, G Chen, Yu. Wang, Y Huang, DB Marchant, G Jing, Yi. Wang, Q Yang, F Dai, A Hills, PJ Franks, E Nevo, DE Soltis, PS Soltis, EB Sessa, P Wolf, D Xue, G Zhang, BJ Pogson, and Z-H Chen. (2017) Evolutionary conservation of ABA signaling for stomatal closure. Plant Physiology 174(2): 732-747. PDF

22. Chambers SM, JE Watkins, Jr., and EB Sessa. (2017) Differences in desiccation tolerance among populations of a gametophyte-only fern. American Journal of Botany. 104(4): 598–607. PDF

21. Sessa EB, A Juslén, H Väre, and SM Chambers. (2017) Into Africa: Molecular phylogenetics and historical biogeography of sub-Saharan African woodferns (Dryopteris). American Journal of Botany. 104(3): 447–486. PDF

20. Pinson JB, SM Chambers, J Nitta, L-Y Kuo, and EB Sessa. (2017) The separation of generations: Biology and biogeography of long-lived, sporophyteless fern gametophytes. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 178(1): 1–18. PDF


19. PPG 1: The Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group*. (2016) A community-derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 54(6) 563-603. PDF

*This project was organized by E Schuettpelz, H Schneider, AR Smith, P Hovenkamp, J Prado, G Rouhan, A Salino, M Sundue, TE Almeida, B Parris, EB Sessa, AR Field, AL de Gasper, CJ Rothfels, MD Windham, M Lehnert, B Dauphin, A Ebihara, S Lehtonen, PB Schwartsburd, J Metzgar, L-B Zhang, L-Y Kuo, PJ Brownsey, M Kato, and MD Arana, with 68 additional contributors.

18. Link-Pérez MA, TG Ludwig, CJ Ledford, MH Seabolt, and EB Sessa. (2016) Lectotypification of Adiantopsis alata (Pteridaceae) and descriptions of new palmate species in the Guiana Shield. Systematic Botany 41(4): 906–918. PDF

17. Haufler CH, KM Pryer, E Schuettpelz, EB Sessa, DR Farrar, R Moran, JJ Schneller, JE Watkins, Jr., and MD Windham. (2016) Sex and the single gametophyte: Revising the homosporous plant life cycle in light of contemporary research. BioScience 66(11): 928–937. PDF

Media coverage:

16. Visger CJ, CG Germain-Aubrey, M Patel, EB Sessa, PS Soltis, and DE Soltis. (2016) Niche divergence between diploid and autotetraploid Tolmiea (Saxifragaceae). American Journal of Botany 103(8): 1396–1406. PDF

15. Sessa EB, WL Testo, and JE Watkins, Jr. (2016) On the widespread capacity for, and functional significance of, extreme inbreeding in ferns. New Phytologist 211 (3): 1108–1119. PDF

This paper was featured on the August 2016 cover of New Phytologist:


14. Sessa EB and JP Der. (2016) Evolutionary genomics of ferns and lycophytes. Pgs. 215–254 in: Genomes and Evolution of Charophytes, Bryophytes, and Ferns. SA Rensing, Ed. Advances in Botanical Research, vol. 78. Elsevier. Request PDF

13. Gardner AG*, EB Sessa*, P Michener, E Johnson, KA Shepherd, DG Howarth, and RS Jabaily. (2016) Utilizing next-generation sequencing to resolve the backbone and inform taxonomy of the Core Goodeniaceae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 94: 605–617. PDF *These authors contributed equally.


12. Li Z, A Baniaga, EB Sessa, M Scascitelli, SW Graham, LH Rieseberg, and MS Barker. (2015) Early genome duplications in conifers and other seed plants. Science Advances 1(10): e1501084. PDF

Media coverage:

11. Wolf PG, EB Sessa, DB Marchant, F-W Li, CJ Rothfels, EM Sigel, MA Gitzendanner, CJ Visger, JA Banks, DE Soltis, PS Soltis, KM Pryer, and JP Der. (2015) An exploration into fern genome space. Genome Biology and Evolution 7(9): 2533–2544. PDF

10. Sessa EB, L-B Zhang, H Väre, and A Juslén. (2015) What we do (and don’t) know about ferns: Dryopteris as a case study. Systematic Botany 40(2): 387–399. PDF

9. Tank DC, JM Eastman, MW Pennell, PS Soltis, DE Soltis, CE Hinchliff, JW Brown, EB Sessa, and LJ Harmon. (2015) Nested radiations and the pulse of angiosperm diversification: increased diversification rates often follow whole genome duplication. New Phytologist 207: 454-467. PDF

8. Lessl JT, D-X Guan, EB Sessa, B Rathinasabapathi, and LQ Ma. (2015) Transfer of arsenic and phosphorus from soils to the fronds and spores of arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata and non arsenic-hyperaccumulators. Plant and Soil 390: 49–60. PDF


7. Sessa EB, JA Banks, MS Barker, JP Der, AM Duffy, SW Graham, M Hasebe, J Langdale, F-W Li, DB Marchant, KM Pryer, CJ Rothfels, SJ Roux, ML Salmi, EM Sigel, DE Soltis, PS Soltis, DW Stevenson, and PG Wolf. (2014) Between two fern genomes. GigaScience 3:15. PDF

6. Sessa EB and TJ Givnish. (2014) Leaf form and photosynthetic physiology of Dryopteris species distributed along light gradients in eastern North America. Functional Ecology 28(1): 108-123. PDF


5. Sessa EB, EA Zimmer, and TJ Givnish. (2012) Unraveling reticulate evolution in North American Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae). BMC Evolutionary Biology 12(1): 104. PDF

4. Sessa EB, EA Zimmer, and TJ Givnish. (2012) Reticulate evolution on a global scale: a nuclear phylogeny for New World Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae)Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 64(3): 563-581. PDF

3. Zhang L-B, L Zhang, S-Y Dong, EB Sessa, X-F Gao, and A Ebihara. (2012) Molecular circumscription and major evolutionary lineages of the fern genus Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae). BMC Evolutionary Bio 12(12): 180. PDF

2. Sessa EB, EA Zimmer, and TJ Givnish. (2012) Phylogeny, divergence times, and historical biogeography of New World Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae). American Journal of Botany 99(4): 730-750. PDF


1. Ross RM, F Allaby, CS Buckler, EY Butler, D Gabreski, L Paciulli, KJ Gremillion, and WD Allmon. (2008) The Hyde Park Mastodon Matrix Project, with particular reference to the mollusks and seeds. In: Mastodon Paleobiology, Taphonomy, and Paleoenvironment in the Late Pleistocene of New York State: Studies on the Hyde Park, Chemung, and North Java Sites [WD Allmon and PL Nester, eds]. Paleontographica Americana 61. PDF