Principal Investigator
Emily B. Sessa
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2012
B.A. Cornell University, 2005
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Weston Testo
Ph.D. University of Vermont, 2017
B.S. Colgate University, 2012

Graduate Students
Jerald Pinson
Ph.D. candidate, Fall 2014–present
M.S. UNC-Wilmington, 2014
B.A. Austin State University, 2012
Lauren Trotta
Ph.D. student, Fall 2014–present
M.S. University of Florida, 2016
B.S. Providence College, 2013
Christopher Krieg
Ph.D. candidate, Fall 2015–present
B.A. Colgate University, 2014
Lindsey Riibe
Ph.D. student, Fall 2017–present
B.S. Portland State University, 2014
Undergraduate Researchers
Andrea Hammer
Botany '18

Andrea is a 4th year student working toward a degree in botany and a minor in French. She became interested in botany as a first-year student at the University of Florida after taking a biology course centered around plants. Currently, she is interested in conservation and species preservation. In five years, she hopes to be working for the National Parks Service or potentially in a research lab.
David Adelhelm
Botany '20

David is a botany major because he grew up on science fiction books and the plants were always the coolest part. He's not quite sure what specifically he's interested in but luckily has got two years still to figure that out. After undergrad, his future plans are hopefully to remain in academia and move onto grad school.
Lab Alumni
Sally Chambers
Former Postdoctoral Research Associate
Sally is now a Research Botanist at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, Florida.
Rodrigo Rivero
Biology '17, 2016 UF University Scholars Program
Rodrigo is earning his MS at the University of Hawaii–Manoa with Dr. Kimberly Carlson.
Maggy Bunker
Maggy is back home in Michigan after a year in the Sessa lab, and we wish her luck with her next adventure!
Emily Lockwood circle 300
Emily Lockwood
Biology '19
Samantha Chavez
Samantha Chavez
Nutritional Sciences '18
Maria Rodriguez circle 300
Maria Rodriguez
Biology '18
Matthew Richardson circle 300
Matthew Richardson
Biology/Statistics '18
Alan Gonzalez
Wildlife Ecology & Conservation '16
Naomi Senehi
Environmental Engineering '17
Mary Regan
Agricultural & Biological Engineering '16
Ashley Hale
Chemical Engineering '16
Kaitlynn Zemaitis
Chemical Engineering '14



Lab, Fall 2018. Left to right: Jerald Pinson, Weston Testo, Lindsey Riibe, Chris Krieg, Emily Sessa, Lauren Trotta
Lab, Fall 2017. Front: Chris Krieg, Emily Sessa, Lauren Trotta; Back: Jerald Pinson, Lindsey Riibe, Maggy Bunker.
Lab, Fall 2016. L to R: Emily Lockwood, Samantha Chavez, Chris Krieg, Eddie Watkins (honorary lab member!), Emily Sessa, Jerald Pinson, Lauren Trotta, Sally Chambers, Rodrigo Rivero
2016 Biology Reception at Austin Cary Forest. L to R: Sally Chambers, Emily Sessa, Lauren Trotta, Jerald Pinson, Helen Holmlund, Chris Krieg
Lab, Fall 2015. L to R: Rodrigo Rivero, Chris Krieg, Jerald Pinson, Sally Chambers, Emily Sessa, Lauren Trotta, Allan Gonzalez
Lab Spring 2015
2015 Biology Reception at the Florida Museum of Natural History. L to R: Chris Krieg, Lauren Trotta, Jerald Pinson, Emily Sessa, Sally Chambers
photo 1-800
Sessa Lab, Fall 2014. L to R: Jerald Pinson, Sally Chambers, Emily Sessa, Lauren Trotta, Ashley Hale, Mary Regan, Naomi Senehi